What we do

We will help you develop a plan for how best to prepare and execute a strategy that meets your concerns around climate change. This can range from simple lifestyle changes to completely self sufficient long term custom solutions. We can guide you to expertise in energy management, architecture, agriculture, food and land management. Or, if better meeting your needs, provide project management to turnkey your vision.

Who We Are

Climate Adaptation Services Associates, LLC is a consultancy that brings ‘best in class’ professionals to the task of preparing for and dealing with the impact of climate change on individuals, families and society.

Our View of the situation

Mankind is without question, the dominant species; and as we continue to populate the planet, we are exhausting its finite resources. Climate change is a result of our poor management of resources to supply energy, shelter and food. Improved management of resources, although achievable through levels of cooperation that we have thus far failed to demonstrate, is possible; but remains highly unlikely in time to prevent significant challenges over the next 30 yrs.

Energy transition to non-fossil fueled solutions is technically achievable, however; it is hampered by its economic impact to not only those in power but those who can’t afford efficient alternatives. Water scarcity will continue to be exacerbated by population and climate change. Our continued draining of aquifers and surface water will create food shortages that result in human migrations and social upheaval. This is already resulting in increased populism and shutting down of national borders as tensions rise. - We humans are very focused on dealing with issues right in front of us such as pandemics and wars, but invisible problems such as CO2 and water shortages tend to be put off until they reach crisis levels. CASA believes humanity will rise to the challenge over time but not before there is significant risk of disruption and permanent damage to ecosystems. We believe that motivated persons should initiate efforts to make lifestyle changes and put in place strategies for an uncertain future.


Climate Adaptation Services Associates, LLC

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